All prices are confirmed on consultation this price list is a guideline only. 

Global Colours

Short  from 105 allow half an hour

Medium from 119 allow half an hour

Long from 148 allow 45 min

Retouch (2cm) from 95 allow half an hour

Inoa (ammonia free)  add a little more

Foils only

Half head from 140 allow 1 hour

Full head from 195 allow 1.5 hours

Global with foils

Partial foils and colour from 133 allow 45 min

Half head & colour from 225 allow 1.5 hours

Full head & colour from 290 allow 2 hours

Cut & finishing an extra charge

Colour is weighed and charged for by the amount we use on each client that is why prices may vary upon consultation. Ammonia free colour/ Inoa is charged out slightly more.


Special occasion styling 105 allow 1 hour

Makeup in salon 105 allow 1 hour

 Call-out minimum charge 200

Wedding party is a separate price list

Lashes extra 25


Kérastase ritual  37 allow an extra 15 min

Smart bond into colour 29 allow an extra 15 min

Smartbond intense stand alone treatment 75 allow 30 min

Smartbond, Kerastase combo - 55 allow extra 30 min




On Consultation from 215 allow 1.5 to 2 hours


from 53 allow extra 30 min


Women’s cut style finish short  from 90 allow 45 min

Long cut style finish from 95 allow 1 hour

Men’s cut & finish from 60 allow 30 minutes

Children 20% off adult prices

Restyling extra charges. Confirmed quotes on visual consultation

Blow drys

Blow dry Short from 59 allow 30 min

Medium from 69 allow 45 min

Long from 79 allow 60 min

Express finish 25 allow 15 minutes

Tonging and curling 15 extra charge allow extra 15 min

Keratin Treatments

Blow out short from 110

Blow out long from 130 

Complex from 355

allow 1-2 hours for this service

Technical wave

Short from 100, includes finish

Medium from 130, includes finish

Long from 160, includes finish

Cut extra

Permanent straightening and hair extensions available – please enquire.

We may require a deposit by credit card on booking your appointment, there is 24 hour cancellation notice policy in place.

All prices stated are in NZD